Help with the app basics

If you are looking for help with the basics of our app... you've come to the right place! On this page you will find information about the app homepage, personalisation, adding new products, organising your devices by room and homepage shortcuts.

Hey App Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of the hey! app. Here you will find a list of all your devices paired to your account and this page can act as a control hub for all your devices.

There are two different views available, the list view and the grid view. To set your homepage to your preferred style you simply need to press the three dots and select the view you would like to use. 

Adding new products to the hey! app

Adding your first device to our app couldn't be any easier! Simply press the '+' icon from the app homepage and then select the device you are trying to connect. From here, simply follow the in app instructions for guidance. 

If you are struggling to pair any of your devices please visit our product support section by clicking here.

Organising your Smart Home by room

Organising your devices into rooms is a great way to manage your Smart Home and avoid clutter and confusion when using our app. 

As you can see, on the app homepage you can scroll through each room in your home and control them easily. To create & manage your rooms you need to click the three dots, select room management and then your free to asign all your devices to rooms around your home!

Homepage Shortcuts

Directly from the app homepage you can activate your favourite tap to run programmes with a single touch, if you need help understanding automations please click here. You can also turn devices on/off without having to open them directly in the app.