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Here you will find everything you need from our most common questions to product installation videos to help get your smart home up and running in no time! 

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Product Installation Videos & FAQ's

Check out our simple installation video guides and find answers to our most commonly asked product questions.

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Home Assistants

Learn how to pair your new Hey devices with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri Shortcuts.

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App & Automations

Control your smart home directly from the free Hey! app. This section will help you create your first automation, share your home with others and become an expert at controlling your devices.

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Our most common questions

What do I need to install the products?

All Hey! products are designed to be installed with minimal tools and stress. We want the items to be up and running within 10 minutes of receiving your kit. To install our products you will need the Hey! app on your smartphone, an active Wi‐Fi connection and the quick start guide provided in the box. If you are unsure on any of the steps, please check out our instructional videos and install tips from the Hey! team.

Why won't my devices connect to the app?

When connecting to the hey! app there are a few key things to check before you start. Please ensure you are selecting the correct product from the app interface, entering the correct Wi-Fi password and that your device is as close to the router as possible. All our smart devices require a 2.4Ghz internet connection to work, this information can be found on your Wi-Fi router and if you are currently using a 5Ghz connection this can easily be split into two connection points, creating a seperate 2.4Ghz connection for your new smart devices. 

Are Hey! devices compatible with my current smart setup?

Our devices are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri Shortcuts. Therefore if you have an Alexa you can add your new Hey devices into your current routines to operate as a new member of your smart home!

Can I use Hey! devices on a shared Wi-Fi network?

If you can connect your device directly to the Wi-Fi router using only a SSID and password this should be possible.

If your shared network requires additional login credentials after SSID & password then our devices will not permit this connection.

Do I have to order a complete smart kit?

You can order anything from a complete smart home kit right down to a single bulb for your bedside lamp. 

Every order is picked and packed to your specific needs. We understand it may be your first time ordering smart equipment and may want to start off with a single bulb to dip your toe in to the world of smart home technology.

What are the benefits of using smart technology in my home?

Smart technology allows you to get on with living your life whilst Hey! takes control of your home.

You can personalise as much or as little as you like. From the colour, brightness and schedule of your bulbs to the peace of mind knowing you can check your Hey! app and instantly check you turned off that last socket.

Are you compatible with Apple HomeKit?

Unfortunately we are not yet compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Our devices are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri Shortcuts.