Our Platform

There are smart home apps and then there’s the Hey! smart home app.

Our platform takes the pain out of setting up and running a smart home. Unrivalled simplicity is paired with cutting edge functionality to create a smart device app that is intuitive, easy-to-understand and connects easily to smart light bulbs, smart power sockets and more.

The Hey! smart home app is available for iPhone and Android users and is free to download.

Download the free hey! app

Control all of your devices in one place

It's never been easier to have a smart home with our all encompassing app hey! Quick and easy to use and download on Apple, Samsung and Android. 

Whether it be your lighting, power, security or sensors each product is at your fingertips. 

Choose from up to 15 million colours

There's no limit with hey! Colour can play an important role in creating certain moods, whether you want to evoke a tranquil green space for an office or a cool blue futuristic space for gaming hey! have you covered. 

Live video streaming and two-way communication

Answer your door from wherever you are. Receive a direct call when somebody presses the bell and simply go onto our app to talk.

App & Voice Controlled Devices

When connected to the hey! app, you can pair your products with Alexa or a Google Assistant and control your products with just your voice. Using simple voice commands, you can turn your lights on and off, schedule them to wake you up, and even set a light rhythm.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Hey! has partnered with Microsoft Azure for all our data storage requirements in Europe. Microsoft offers industry-leading data protection and has data centres across Europe. Whenever Hey! captures data you can rest assured that it’s safely stored in compliance with all data protection laws.

  • Tuya

    The Hey! app is powered by TUYA, which is the world’s leading internet of things platform. We’ve added a deep level of customisation to the platform to create an app which seamlessly integrates with the Hey! product ecosystem. The Hey! app has been developed using our three core values - simplicity, innovation and trust.