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Hey! Smart Home

Smart Motion Sensor

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Turn lights and appliances on and off just by walking around your home!

The Hey! Smart Sensor enables you to do just that, by using motion sensor technology to trigger actions.

With its 120º detection angle, night vision and a 10 metre (32ft) detection range, the Hey! Smart Motion Sensors can be placed discreetly around your home. Plus, because they are battery powered, they don’t require any complicated or unsightly wiring work.

    Whats in the box?

    • Motion Sensor.
    • Adhesive Tape.
    • 3x AAA Batteries.
    • Reset Needle.

    Setting up this product

    Install in place, connect directly to your Wi-Fi router and the Smart Motion Sensor is pretty much set up. Hey! devices don’t require a separate hub to integrate devices, so if you have multiple Smart Motion Sensors around your home, they can all be controlled together from your smartphone.

    That’s not all. Included with every Hey! Smart Motion Sensor is a comprehensive written setup guide that’ll have your sensor up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

    If you need help setting up your smart product, click here to view our support section & product installation videos.


    • Compatible with - Amazon Alexa
    • System requirements - iOS / Android device with up to date software
    • Wi-fi enabled - 2.4Ghz
    • Detection angle - 120°
    • Night vision - Yes
    • Batteries required - 3x AAA
    • Motion detection range - 10 Meters (32ft)
    • Operating voltage - 5V


    • Height - 6cm
    • Width - 6cm
    • Depth - 3cm


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    glen drury
    too sensitive

    i was hoping this pir alarm would let me know if a large animal (human or otherwise) came into the front garden, but it alerts even for the smallest bird that flies by, meaning i get so many alerts, i never check it. I guess it would be good if you were using it in the house to turn on some light or device.

    Good detection but limited Alexa usage and slow to respond.

    I was hoping to use this for activating lights in the Kitchen via Alexa however, that's all it does. It activates the lights and they stay on, there's no integration that allows for when there's "No detection" to switch off the lights after the room has been vacated. This may be different with other "Hey" products but you can't expect to have one brand across your home. It is rather slow to respond as when the device is asleep it is not connected to the home router, this is probably a battery saving measure. The triggered reponse indicated by the LED flashing initiates a connection to the router first then triggers the routine it's assigned to, the reponse comes between 2 and 4 seconds later depending on the routing and latency of the devices that are activated. By that time you are stood in the middle of the room waiting for the lights to come on.

    Phil Toker
    Excellent item but slow to react.

    Good for security but not so good for reaction lighting. The time it takes the sensor to communicate with the lights and then for them to turn on is so long you'll be across the room and smacked your knee before you are able to see anything. DON'T buy for this reason. If you want a security sensor to alert you of unauthorised entry then this is for you!

    It works

    A great price and does what I want it to do ! Awesome! Fast delivery.

    Ged Lowry
    Motion sensor and light work�

    Motion sensor and light work brilliantly. I needed some help setting up and the advice came back quickly and sorted it out.