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Video Doorbell | Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my device?

1. Take the reset needle out of the box, and insert it carefully into the reset needle hole which is located under the flap on the left side of the doorbell. 

2. Use the reset needle to gently press and hold the reset button for for around 5 seconds until you hear 'System Reset'.

3. When the light begins to flash after hearing 'Camera is now ready to begin pairing' you are ready to begin!

*when was the last time you charged your doorbell? - You may need to put your doorbell on charge when trying to reset it as multiple reset attempts can drain the battery without you realising*

Does it record on motion detection or only when the bell is pressed?

You have the option for the doorbell to record on motion or only when the doorbell is pressed. To enable motion detection please click into the video doorbell from the hey app homepage.

Next select 'PIR' under advanced settings and select an appropriate sensitivity for your property.

Do I need to pay for cloud storage?

Every doorbell comes with a free months trial of cloud storage. After this you can pay a monthly subscription or simply enter a micro SD memory card into the back of the device to store your data.

Are the batteries rechargable and how do I charge my doorbell?

Yes, the doorbell comes with 2 rechargeable batteries which do not need to be removed when charging. To charge the doorbell you use a micro usb charging cable and enter it into the charging point located on the left of the device underneath the flap.

Can the doorbell be streamed using Google or Alexa?

Yes, the live video feed from the doorbell can be streamed using Google Chromecast or Echo Show. 

Where is the micro SD inserted? I can't find it?

The micro SD is inserted above the batteries in the back of the doorbell. 

Why isn't my plug in chime ringing when the Doorbell is pressed?

All our doorbells come already paired with the chime unit but if chime has become unconnected for whatever reason or you have purchased an additional chime, please follow the below steps.

1) Hold down the volume button on the chime unit whilst plugged in and powered on.

2) Listen out for the chime tone and the light on the chime should light blue.

3) Release the volume button on the chime and press the button on the front of the Doorbell and you should be up and running!

How long does the doorbell battery last for?

The battery should last 2-4 weeks depending on individual user settings and usage.

Please note: battery performance is significantly impacted by the signal strength of your device, we recommend at least 80% for optimal performance.

For example if you have higher PIR sensitivity the battery will last for slightly less time.

Why can't my visitors can’t hear me?

When the microphone is blue that means that you are in speak mode.

You need to press the microphone again to deactivate speak mode.

The feature is to prevent an audio feedback loop.

What are the cloud storage options?

£3.23 (14 day event recording)

£7.19 (30 day event recording)

£32.40 (1 year – 14 day event recording)

£72.02 (1 year – 30 day event recording)