Help with home management

On this page you will find information around managing your smart home and sharing your devices with the people in your home. You will learn how to locate home management within the app, create a new home & manage your rooms, add a new home member, accept a share request, transfer home ownership and change your active home.

Locating Home Management

To access home management within the hey! app you simply need to click on the 'me' icon along the bottom navigation bar and select home management. 

From here you will see a list of the homes currently linked with your app account. 

Creating a new home

From the home management page of the app, select create a home and then begin by setting a name for your new home. We would recommend calling this something memorable to avoid confusion. 

Next, you can use the location services on your phone to set the exact location of your home and select which rooms you would like to be created within this home. You can either choose from a number of pre-set rooms or create your own custom room.

Adding a new home member

To share your smart home with a housemate or family member you simply need to click in the home you wish to share, and select add member. 

You will then be prompted with a number of ways to share your smart home, such as; app account, message or copy.

We would recommend using the app account method to share your smart home as this is the quickest and most efficent. 

For this method, the person you are sharing the home with will need their own account registered within the hey app.

You will need to enter a nickname for the person you are sharing the home with and then simply enter their registered email into the account section and the request will send to them instantly. 

How to accept a home sharing request

The person you shared your smart home with will now have a home management request appear on their phone as a push notification from our app. To accept this invitation they will need to open the hey app, visit the home management page and select accept on the invitation.

From this point, all devices assigned to your smart home will be shared across both devices and both people can access and control them. This is often useful when people from the same household wish to view footage from our smart cameras on different smart phones throughout the day.

Transferring Home Ownership

If you no longer want to be the owner of your smart home and would like to delegate this responsibility to a family member you simply need to click into your home on the app, select transfer home ownership and then select the new home owner. 

Toggle between active homes

Finally, if you have more than one smart home registered in the hey app you can easily change between these at the touch of a button. 

To do this, simple click the drop down in the top left corner of the app homepage, select the home you wish to become active from the drop down menu and the app homepage will automatically refresh and now show all the devices linked to your active home.