Amazon Alexa Support

On this page you will find a video guide of how to pair your hey account with Amazon Alexa, along with top tips from the hey! team and a step by step walkthrough of each step.

Video Guide | How to pair your devices with Amazon Alexa

Top Tips For Using Your Alexa

Enable the hey! skill

Make sure the hey! skill is enabled within the Amazon Alexa app and that the connection has been verified using your account details. 

Naming and grouping your devices

Remember to name your products something you will remember and that can be easily recognised by Alexa. Creating a group is a great way to control multiple devices at once, for example 'Alexa, Turn on lounge lights' or 'Alexa, Turn off bedroom lights.'

Creating a Routine

Creating a routine within the Alexa app is a great way to let your devices do the hard work whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy the automations.

To create a routine within the Alexa app you need to press 'more' on the bottom tab and then 'routines.' 

From here you need to name a routine, set the trigger and select what you would like to happen around your home. 

Step by step guide | How to pair your devices with Amazon Alexa

Download the Amazon Alexa App

First of all, you will need to download the Amazon Alexa app from the App store or the Google Play store if you are using an android smartphone. Once you have this downloaded, create an account and then simply open up the app and follow the below steps. 

Open the Amazon Skills & Routines

Next, you will need to click the more option from the Amazon Alexa app homepage. Then Select Skills & Games.

Search for the hey! skill and enable the connection between Alexa and your hey! account.

Once you are in the skills & games library, use the search bar to find our 'hey!' skill. Next, select this skill and press enable to use.

Log into your hey! account and authorize the connection.

Within the hey! skill, start by selecting your country/region which in this case is United Kingdom. Next you will need to log into this page using the details from your hey app account (email address and password). 

Please note, this is your app account log in and the details used to make a purchase on our website will not work.

Congratulations, your hey account is now linked. Now time to discover your devices...

Now your hey! account is linked to Amazon Alexa, its almost time to start controlling your devices with a single voice command! 

Simply click 'discover devices' and Alexa will begin to find all your hey! smart devices.