What is try before you buy?

Try before you buy is exactly what it sounds like. It gives you the chance to try the hey products you have your eye on without committing to the full upfront cost.

We understand that creating the perfect smart home often takes a period of trial and error to work out exactly what will integrate with your current setup.

This new checkout method has been designed to give you ultimate confidence when browsing our website and maximum flexibility when it comes to returning items that are not quite right for you.

1) Add up to 7 products to your cart using the green 'try before you buy' button.

2) Create or log into your existing hey account.

3) Select the tracked shipping service.

4) Enter your payment and shipping details (this will not be charged until the end of the trial period).

5) Enjoy your new hey products for the next 14 days.

6) Once your items have been delivered you can manage the items you want to keep or return via the TBYB confirmation email.

7) Any items kept after the 14 day period will be automatically charged to your card.

8) If you opted to return any items, you will be provided with a pre-paid Royal Mail returns label to send these back to us.

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#TBYB Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I have to decide between keeping or returning my items?

Don't worry, we know these decisions can't be made overnight. You have 14 full days from the point your items arrive with you to make the decision. You can check how long is left of your trial period at any time by visitng the TBYB portal on your order confirmation email.

Does try before you buy apply to all products on your website?

Yes, the try before you buy option is available for every product on our website as long as they are in stock. Unfortunately we aren't able to process pre-order items for try before you buy.

You can add a maximum of five items to your try before you buy cart at any time.

Do I have to pay to return my unwanted items?

No, the return cost is covered by us. You can generate a pre-paid Royal Mail return label at any point during your trial period. This is done via the TBYB portal found on your confirmation email.

Can I apply a discount on Try Before You Buy orders?

Unfortunately all discounts/promotions are excluded from the try before you buy programme. If you wish to use a discount code your order will need to be in full at the time of purchase.

Can I return part of a smart home kit when using Try Before You Buy?

Unfortunately not, any kits purchased through the try before you buy programme have to be kept or returned in full.

If you like a specific item from a kit during your trial period you can always order this again, without worrying if it will suit your current setup.

Terms & Conditions

Before returning any items from the Try Before You Buy programme please ensure you have read the terms and coniditons to ensure your return will be elegible for a fulll refund.

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